First Abstract Art CNFT in Cardano


Musashino Art NFT is a new generation Art Studio which produce Digital Art, NFTs, and various Collectible Art in the Metaverse. We are a group of illustrators and 3D Artist which love to explore various Art genre in the digital space.

Haleem Art series is the first Art collection from Musashino. It is a 9900 algorithmically generated Abstract Art NFTs on the Cardano Blockchain.


Due to community doubts, we will provide additional info about our Roadmap.

We will Unlock & Initiate Goals according to the Roadmap below:

50% 3D Mini Museum NFT drop to all Musashino Art holders

At 50% sold out, we will start to build the 3D Mini Museum NFT. This will be a free Companion NFT to all Musashino Art NFT holders.

75% Launch Musashino Metaverse
At 75% sold out, we will start to build a Musashino Metaverse, which will be a Virtual Art Gallery.
100% Second Series Musashino Art Launch

At 100% sold out, after we deliver the free Museum NFT & Musashino Metaverse (Virtual Art Gallery). We will plan for MusashinoART series 2, if the community response is good.

Secret Announcement

Will announce after we are 100% minted.

Begin New Roadmap


We are a new NFT studio which create Digital Art collection.

Haleem series is our first Art series in Musashino.

There will be 9900 Abstract Art CNFTs.

Cardano blockchain.

Yes, the first series of a new Art Genre will always be the Genesis series.


Not announce yet. We build the community first. We will launch as long as we have build a stronger community.

Please follow our Twitter and join the Discord first. We will announce later.


Abstract Design Version 2.5-01


Satoshi Ryu

Founder of Musashino NFT studio. Early investor in Crypto, NFT and Metaverse Land. 10 years experience in Filming & Creative industry.

Abstract Design 5-05


Haleem & Team

Major in Art, Graphic Design and 3D works.

Abstract Design 1-15

Coder & Web Developer


Major in Programming & Web Design. 

Abstract Design 4-06

Community Manager


Crypto and NFT investor. 5 years experience in Photography & I.T industry.

Media Coverage