First Abstract Art CNFT in Cardano

Public Sale


Musashino Art NFT is a new generation Art Studio which produce Digital Art, NFTs, and various Collectible Art in the Metaverse. We are a group of illustrators and 3D Artist which love to explore various Art genre in the digital space.

Haleem Art series is the first Art collection from Musashino. It is a 9900 algorithmically generated Abstract Art NFTs on the Cardano Blockchain.


We will Unlock & Initiate Goals according to the Roadmap below:

50% 3D Mini Museum NFT drop to all Musashino Art holders

At 50% sold out, we will start to build the 3D Mini Museum NFT. This will be a free Companion NFT to all Musashino Art NFT holders who hold 3 NFT and above.

75% Launch Musashino Metaverse
At 75% sold out, we will start to build a Musashino Metaverse, which will be a Virtual Art Gallery.
100% Second Series Musashino Art Launch

At 100% sold out, after we deliver the free Museum NFT & Musashino Metaverse (Virtual Art Gallery). We will plan for MusashinoART series 2, if the community response is good.

Secret Announcement

Will announce after we are 100% minted.

Begin New Roadmap


General FAQ

We are a new NFT studio which create Digital Art collection.

Haleem series is our first Art series in Musashino.

There will be 9900 Abstract Art CNFTs.

Cardano blockchain.

Yes, the first series of a new Art Genre will always be the Genesis series.


80 ADA

Whitelist Mint: 1st Nov 7am UTC. Open for 48 hours

Public Mint: 3rd Nov 9am UTC.

Minting will be conducted in Musashino Website. Enter Discord to get the Mint Page link on Mint Day. We are minting with NFT Maker.

Please follow our Twitter and join the Discord first. We will announce later.

Project FAQ

We are looking to create something NEW in the CNFT Space and we choose Abstract Art as the Art Genre of our Genesis collection. Yes, the road for Abstract Art NFT might be tougher because it is a niche segment compare to PFP, but we just gonna do what we gonna do.

Branding Approach.

Looking at Art Blocks studio in the Ethereum Blockchain able to gain overwhelming success by launching Chromie Squiggle and Fidenza. We realized the potential of Abstract Art and we think we can do a good one in the Cardano blockchain. We had delivered our best in creating 23 unique Art Styles in the same collection. You may check on the Art in the Rarity page.

Our Musashino Art NFT comes with a Companion NFT, Basic Utility and Holder Incentive which will execute according to the Roadmap. Compare to Art Blocks in Ethereum, they do not have anything like these.

After fully minted, we will initiate Gamification Mechanism across the 23 Art Styles. For example, anyone who collects complete 8 Art Styles in the Common rarity will get a special Role, Rewards or Unique Utility in the future.

We launch a total of 23 Art Styles in a single collection, therefore we have this supply in total. The most common Art Style is not more than 1000 supply each. The scarcest Art Style is only 220 supply each. The team will keep 230 pcs for internal collection and giveaway purpose.

We are very cautious and will only announce plans that we are able to execute. In fact, we already showing some of the Companion Art sneak-peak and other possible innovative Utility before we mint.

We know “mystery” is one of the key elements to make a project looks interesting. But we decided to give detailed information in our website because we think it is our responsibility to make things clear, and let the holder know as much as possible before they decide to go for the mint. But that doesn’t mean we do not have “Surprises” along the way. What we want to achieve is more than the Roadmap itself, IF we got minted out and get the community support. Bigger things will be announced in the Secret Announcement and Roadmap 2. We can’t say much for now but Stay Tuned.

Minting will happen in our website. We will share the Mint Page link in Discord 5 minutes before the mint start. We might split the mint into 2 phases, which we will release 12 Art Styles first. 1st phase mint price will be cheaper as a gesture to reward the early supporter/believer.

We are aware of the current market condition, but we will stick to the plan in our Roadmap. Therefore, Mint will be Open until we fully minted out. NFT Utility and Holder Incentive program will be execute according to our roadmap.

We will build a Musashino Virtual Gallery in the Metaverse. If possible, we wish to expand our existence to different chain. But let’s start with PAVIA. We already have an Estate in Pavia and the coordinate is 157, -16 (check in Pavia)


Abstract Design Version 2.5-01


Satoshi Ryu

Founder of Musashino NFT studio. Early investor in Crypto, NFT and Metaverse Land. 10 years experience in Filming & Creative industry.

Square of Life

Community Manager


Crypto and NFT investor. 5 years experience in Photography & I.T industry.

Abstract Design 1-15

Coder & Web Developer


Major in Programming & Web Design. 

Soul & Spirit


Haleem & Team

Major in Art, Graphic Design and 3D works.

Media Coverage