Abstract Art Potential

Abstract art has been around for well over 100 years. For us, Abstract Art basically means the combination of colors, forms, tone, texture, shapes, patterns, lines, and composition. The objective and final outcome does not attempt to represent a specific visual reality or object, rather to give the audience more room for imagination, and somehow achieve their own interpretation and perceive certain message from the art they personally own.

MUSASHINO Art are looking to create something NEW in the CNFT (Cardano NFT) Space and we choose Abstract Art as the Art Genre of our Genesis collection.

Yes the road for Abstract Art NFT might be tougher because it is a niche segment compare to PFP project, but we just gonna do what we gonna do.

Abstract Art has its Potential as well. Looking at how Art Blocks studio has done for their collection such as Chromie Squiggle and Fidenza (Ethereum NFT project), we can see that Abstract Art NFT has the potential of preserving/increasing value over a long period of time.

Below are some of the Musashino Art Work compare to Art Blocks: (FYI each project ETH floor price is fluctuated).